Sunday, December 6, 2015

If You Are an Older Man Dating Younger Women, Read This!

Attention you, yeah you, the older gentlemen checking out pictures of Britney Spears and Scarlett Johansson. Relax, stop trying to hide what you’re doing. I know what you’re looking at because I like the same thing! Isn’t it funny how society orders us older fellows to “control ourselves” and stop thinking naughty thoughts-you know the same naughty thoughts that younger men have every second of the day? Why is the older man dating younger women scenario so shocking?
When exactly in the timeframe of human history was it decided that older men should have no sex drive? When was it decided that older men should only be turned on by older women? Older kings used to marry young maidens all the time in ancient history. It was the king’s right. The younger woman looked up to his wisdom and experience. (Well, the money helped too…) Nowadays, if an older man dares to ask out a younger woman it’s like some secret shame.
All right my fellow gentleman- Rule #1. If you are an older man dating younger women, then you have to stop caring what society thinks. You can start to change your dating habits and end up with a real hottie if that’s what you want. However, acting wishy washy about it or caving to peer pressure will only hurt your chances. Embrace your manhood. The penis knows no “shame.” You want what you want. All right, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the mental connection.
Rule #2. An older man dating younger women is confident in himself. He knows that though a younger woman is more attractive in appearance, he makes up for it in personality. He is mature, wise and very sexy when he is confident. Come on, what girl hasn’t had an older teacher fantasy before? Haven’t you ever heard of women complaining that guys their own age are too immature? Haven’t you even heard these women say, “If only he would grow up!” So don’t be ashamed of your age. Your age is an asset. Pain, experience, wisdom-these make you interesting. And interesting is sexy.
She is already aware of the age difference and if she has any brains in that smoking bod, then she knows that you have experienced more in life than she has. You have something to offer her. Showcase your wisdom; be practical, and be grounded. Avoid making the rash mistakes that younger men do. You are calm, reserved and receptive. You have nothing to prove.
Rule #3. An older man dating younger women does not try to control his date. You should be confident enough in who you are to not “need this relationship.” Do not manipulate the woman or try to force her to feel something. This is probably what she doesn’t like about men her own age; they are too possessive, needy and insecure. You can stand out from the competition by showing yourself to be content, calm, intelligent and comfortable with her presence.
An older man dating younger women is not just a myth or a fantasy. It is happening all around you. Step 1 in getting what you want is to let yourself have it!
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