Sunday, February 28, 2016

The 16 Best Things About Dating an Older Guy

1. He can grow a non-patchy-ass beard. Which is obviously superior to a patchy-ass beard.
2. He doesn’t look like a preteen with his shirt off. If there’s one thing the Magic Mike guys could learn from Austin Powers, it’s that nothing says, “I’m a man of sex-having age,” quite like a hairy chest.
3. He owns a vacuum and knows how to use it. Oooh, yeah, work that upholstery attachment that you read about in the Miele manual.
4. He got over being jealous ages ago. Every guy comes to the realization that being jealous of your guy friends just makes him look sad and lame. Some guys just come to this realization sooner than others *cough*Jason*cough*.
5. He knows what he wants and he won’t waste your time if you’re not it. You didn’t want to be with that guy who wanted an “outdoorsy girl” anyway. His name was Todd and you had nothing in common.
6. He won’t have a nervous breakdown about meeting your parents. He’s met parents before.
7. Added bonus: He’ll probably get along with your parents better because he’s a little (tiny!) bit closer to their age. Not that he’s old old, but he’ll rock out to Hendrix with your dad in the man cave and not feel too weird about it.
8. He knows how to go down on a woman. College guys are terrible at vaginas. Thanks to the patriarchy, women learn to master blow jobs early in their sexual lives (sometimes before they even lose their virginity) but guys typically don’t figure out that women want their vulvas licked until their mid-20s. Practice makes orgasms, or however that saying goes.
9. And he knows that vulvas don’t usually look like two unused Pink Pearl erasers and smell like Bath and Body Works vanilla bean. Having seen more than two vulvas, he knows each is a beautiful and unique orchid and he won’t hesitate to compliment yours.
10. He doesn’t give a shit if you haven’t shaved in a few days. Thankfully, most guys grow out of being the Leg Hair Police in their mid-20s. By the time they’re 27, they could be sleeping with a sexy Chewbacca for all they care. (Actually he’d probably be into that. He is very excited about the new Star Wars movie. Maybe don’t bring it up.)
11. There’s a better chance he’s husky. Some call it “dad bod,” I call it husky. Either way, older guys are more likely to be the most comfortable snuggle you’ve ever had.
12. He’s so cute with kids. Have you ever seen an early-twentysomething guy get handed a baby? He holds it out from his body like he has stiff little Tyrannosaurus arms and the baby hangs there like, “Who the fuck handed me to this beer-breathed sociopath in cargo shorts?”
Older guys probably have nieces or nephews or neighbor kids by this point and can interact with a child in a normal way. And holy shit, is it cute.
13. He doesn’t try to get away with not using a condom. In his years of dating, he’s probably been with a woman during a pregnancy scare and now fully understands the value of family planning.
14. He has his own friends and job and hobbies and schedule. I.e., he won’t be one of those lamewads who clings to your friend group and sits around the house eating Cheez-Its and waiting for you to come over and watch Netflix with him. Not that there’s anything wrong with Cheez-Its, but nobody likes a clinger.
15. The three-day rule is a myth to him. If he likes you, why would he avoid you until it’s deemed societally appropriate to text? He is an Older Man and his texting knows no bounds. No, you can look forward to text from him either the next day or never.
16. But if you’re right for each other, you can count on him being the Jack to your Rose. I mean he’ll be loyal to you’ til the end. Not that he’s going to die in a freak boat accident a week after you start dating. Maybe the Noah to your Allie is the better comparison here.
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Monday, February 22, 2016

5 Reason Why Women Looking for Older Men

More woman are turning to online dating and looking for older men.This blog looks at the many reasons that women are looking for older men, Online dating can be a fantastic way to sort out men by characteristics, including age. It is very easy to sort the profiles, in the effort of looking for older men.Many women are attracted to much older men. Men who are 15 or even 20 years older can appear more confident, more stable, and even sexier than their younger counterparts. An older date may have interesting stories to tell about his life, and he can expose you to a new world with exciting adventures. Older guys can also seem more stable, and many older men are looking to marry.
When a younger woman calls her date mature, she’s not just referring to his age. An older man has a better sense of himself. He’s well established in his career and his life. He doesn’t engage in late-night drinking binges with his friends. Instead, a much older man has reached a more settled point of his life. He doesn’t want to pick up a variety of women; instead, he is often looking to establish a serious relationship with just one woman.
Younger women like older men because they are available, and it works in return. Older men like younger women too, which means that there are many of them available for a relationship. This makes it easier to start a relationship, and the attraction makes it easier to snag an older man.
Father figure
For many reasons, younger women appreciate father figures. They may not have had male role models in their lives already, or they may simply like a husband who can be a leader. A father figure is about someone who is caring and who can make decisions. There are many younger women who are looking for older men, because they can offer them the maturity and leadership that they need in their lives.
Older men may be more ready for marriage than younger men, who are still ready to have fun. When men get older they are prepared to settle down and commit to relationships, which is highly appealing for younger women who want to see some dedication in their lives. Marriage is a long-term commitment that offers security and love, and younger women are looking for older men because this is often what they can offer.
Older men have been around, and they have life experiences that they can bring to the relationship. They may have experience in jobs, and travelling overseas. They may have many different friends, and interests that they are committed to. Experience can mean security and maturity and some great conversations. It is much more appealing to be talking to someone who can hold a varied and intelligent conversation, based on their varied life experiences.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Importance of Grooming When It Comes to Dating Younger Women

Every man needs a grooming routine that he carries out daily to make sure he covers all areas and nothing is forgotten. With regards to looking after your skin, it would mean things like using a moisturiser on your skin on a daily basis to keep it looking soft and ensure it doesn’t age prematurely, and also drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

The importance of grooming when it comes to dating younger women cannot be under estimated, especially if you are looking to impress. Check out an image of Brad Pitt to get an idea of what a groomed man looks like.

Wearing the right cologne is also very important. Women have a strong sense of smell, much stronger than a man’s, so they can tell if a man has a nice cologne on. Choosing the right one is important as cologne’s have compounds that will react individually with your own body’s chemistry. It will really pay off to spend the extra time finding a scent that really suits you.
Keep your teeth looking clean and fresh by brushing and flossing every day, and using mouthwash when necessary. Carry mint with you so you can have it at your disposal.
With regards to hair, always use shampoo and conditioner, and go to a professional hairdresser every now and then to get a new style. If you are going bald in some places, then make sure you completely shave your hair off as it looks much better if its clean shaven. It won’t affect your game in any way to be bold. First, trim your hair to a very short length using clippers, then take a hot shower and apply shaving oil.
There is a lot of information to consider when it comes to grooming yourself to become your best self. This was a small taste. Want Dating Older Men or Younger Women , Visit — 2015 Older Men Younger Women Dating Site Review site