Tuesday, March 1, 2016

For Older Men:5 deal-breakers that will have her running to another sugar daddy quick!

If you want to keep your sugar baby, you’re going to have to work for her. Often times men think the women must do all the work in these types of arrangements, but just like there are sugar babies out there vying for the attention of men, there are also sugar daddies willing and able to take your lady. If you like the hot chick you’re with you will need to make sure you don’t commit a deal breaking mistake that will have her finding another sugar daddy to spend time with.

Not enough money

The number one rule in sugar baby and daddy relationships – How much money she wants and how much you can afford. If you make the arrangement and she wants more later there won’t be much you can do to stop her from finding a man to give her more. However, if you know her standards up front you’ll be less likely to lose her over this deal breaker than if you go into it blind and without enough money in the bank to keep her.

Not enough time

Face it: even a sugar baby wants time with her man. All women love spending time with the men they care about. If you can’t spend time with her, someone else definitely will. Work out a schedule with her and don’t let her down. She only wants to be with you, and if you want her, too, you’ll need to make it work.

Not enough fun

Women don’t like boring men. If you’re a boring man, you better start being fun fast and entertain your sugar baby. Remember, women that sign up for being sugar babies enjoy money, fun and sex and if you aren’t giving her one of these in the proper amounts, she will find a substitute who will.

Terrible in bed

Men can be trained in bed, just like women. If you want to be great in bed with your lady, ask her for pointers. Women are more than happy to tell you how you can improve. If you are terrible in bed though, she most likely won’t tell you. This is when you have to swallow your pride and ask for tips. It’s the only way you’ll get better and the only way to make sure she won’t be getting sex elsewhere.

Poor taste

If you can’t find the right clothing, jewelry or shows for her but another man can, she’ll enjoy his taste better. Plus, this shows he pays more attention to her and goes back to the point of spending time with her. Listen to your lady, pay attention to what she likes, and spoil her with class and taste. If you understand her wants and needs, she’ll be more likely to stick around.
It’s been said that men are creatures of habit, but women are, too. If you can keep her satisfied and comfortable, she’ll have no reason to roam. She will want to stick with the man that she knows will take care of her. If you continue to be what your lady needs (and a little extra never hurts) then she will continue to be with you.
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