Thursday, June 25, 2015

Benefits Of Younger Women Dating Older Men

Age-Gap-RelationshipsAge difference in a relationship is nothing new. There are many couples who opt for older or younger partners intentionally. And trust me there are many examples of a happy relationship even after having age gaps. It all depends on the way you perceive and treat your relationship. So, if you have heard that age gap is not healthy for a relationship, think again. If you are dating an older man, things can be good as well as bad. The difference in age can bring advantages as well as disadvantages among couples. The major difference in such relationships is the level of maturity. However, a slight age gap of 5-6 years can be good. Lets take a look at few
Dating a younger women is good: This is good for feminist men who do not like to be pampered a lot. Moreover, men who wish to dominate in a relationship can benefit by dating a younger women!
Experts: If your partner is elder to you, he/she can act as an expert and help deal with a particular situation. This is one of the best pros of having an age gap in a relationship.
Its interesting: Dating someone older to you can bring lots of interesting things infront of you every day. As they are much more experienced than you, they can keep talking and guide you all the time. Just make sure you are interested in such talks and take it positively.
Settled: Dating an older man can surely bring this benefit. As they are elder to you, they are financially settled and stable. Having an age difference where a man is dating a younger woman cannot show such financial stability. However, the woman can enjoy the pros of such relationships. she will always be lavished and filled with gifts.
Experience in bed: This is one of the major pros of age difference in a relationship. When you are dating someone older, you can benefit a lot in bed. They are much experienced so you would always enjoy pleasure! These are few pros of having an age gap in relationships. Do you know any other benefit? – The Best Dating Site for younger women looking for older men ,younger women seeking older men ,Dating younger woman, older man , younger girls or older guys. Visit Now
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

How to Use Body Language to Your Advantage in Age Gap Dating

You can send a very clear message to someone without ever saying a word, thanks to your body language. Simple non-verbal cues, like how you’re sitting or which direction your feet are pointing, can say a lot about how you’re feeling at that moment.
Knowing how to use body language can make a world of difference in age gap dating, because it’s an easy way to show a potential partner that you’re interested. And he’s more likely to reciprocate with non-verbal cues of his own. The trick in age gap dating is to not only know what your body language means, but also know what to look for in his actions.
There are lots of ways that you can use body language to your advantage in age gap dating . On the most basic level, you want to send the message that you’re approachable, friendly, interested, and available. Here are a few ways to do this. Plus, this will help you tell if he’s into you, too.
• Uncross your arms and legs: Crossing your arms and legs makes you look closed off, defensive, uninviting, and unapproachable. You cross your arms when you’re bored or upset, so it only makes sense that in age gap dating, that would be a turnoff.
• Make eye contact: Did you know that making eye contact with a date can stimulate arousal? Plus, studies have shown that it makes you seem more personable and confident, which are definitely good qualities to have when it comes to age gap dating. Break up the eye contact by looking down and then looking up again.
• Smile: Speaking of smiles, it’s been proven that smiling is not only contagious, but it also affects your brain, making you actually feel happier.
• Tilt your head: Doing this while someone is talking shows that you’re really present, interested, and engaged in what they’re saying. In age gap dating, that’s a big compliment to the other person. Just make sure you don’t stare past them or look around the room, because then you’ll just look bored and indifferent.
• Point your feet towards them: You might not usually pay any attention to the position of your feet, but it can make a big difference in age gap dating. Pointing it towards your date is a sign that you’re attracted, or at least genuinely interested in him. Likewise, if his feet are pointing towards you, there’s a good chance that he’s attracted to you.
• Stand/Sit up straight. Slouching is unattractive, whereas sitting up nice and tall shows confidence and accentuates your neck and shoulders.
• Non-sexual touch: Physical contact is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in age gap dating. Touch has been scientifically shown to subconsciously affect the person on the receiving end by sending them emotional signals. It doesn’t have to be a sexual touch—in fact, it shouldn’t be. Instead, gently place your hand on his arm or shoulder. If he touches your shoulder or the small of your back while ushering you through a doorway, that’s a good sign.
• Play with your hair: Believe it or not, this can be a turn-on in age gap dating. With a simple hair flip or even just by casually playing with your hair, you’re indirectly commanding his attention. It’s like saying, “Look at me!” without actually saying anything.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Does older men younger women relationships work?

older-woman-younger-man-2-e1359409443326_副本I guess we’ve all heard of the saying “Age doesn’t matter.” Well, if you are in a May – December affair then this just may be your motto. An Age Gap Love relationship can be very challenging. Imagine being on a romantic date with your love and then people start asking you if you are with your mom or dad. If you are the older one, you meet people say “Oh your daughter or son is so cute!” Worse, you walk in a restaurant and people judge you as being the mistress or the secret lover . If you are a boy with an older woman, people would whisper and call her your “Sugar Mama”. Irritatingly embarrassing right? An age gap relationship can be difficult and many are skeptical of the success of any relationship with a big age difference. I’m sure people who are in this kind of affair would agree that it is not easy to make it work. But in many cases, Age Gap Relationships actually work…sometimes even better than the conventional couples.
The truth is age does not really matter in any relationship. When it comes to love, age is merely a number. If you have found true love and you know how to handle it, then you are not just lucky but also blessed by God to have found the one person that completes you. The success of a relationship depends on understanding, communication, feelings and trust for each other, and not by how old you both are. Everyone is unique in taste, style, thinking and life style so we should not be affected by judgment from others. On second thought this is easier said than done. People around us can be a very powerful force in our decision making.
  • Age is jsut a number
Age does not always equal to maturity. Again people develop in different ways. There are young people who think deeper and with much more sense than their older counterparts; while there are old people who are pretty much young at heart and refuse to accept that they have aged. Psychiatrists say that you are only as old as you feel. It is actually healthy for older people to be around young people because this gives them a positive outlook in life. Older people are even encouraged to go on Online Dating Sites to find people who may be interested in people like them. While it is also good for younger people to be around the older people because through that they get guidance and wisdom that comes from experience. Still when romance develops between people of different generations, as long as there is harmony between these people, then everything is just right and age is really just a number.
  • You’re the one that I want
It is a fact that we are looking for a partner to satisfy our physical, psychological and spiritual needs. Some people are looking for someone to care for, while some like to be dominated and taken care of. There are some who seek a warm motherly or fatherly love while some are attracted to childish happy go lucky, and flirty behavior. Whatever it is you are looking for in a partner, the most important thing is that you keep your expectations realistic rather than idealistic. Know what you want and stick to your choice especially if that choice is to be with the one person you really want to be with.
  • Bridging the generation gap
Mutual attraction sometimes starts on the visual level. A handsome boy and a beautiful girl can easily meet and introduce themselves to one another. But to establish mutual attraction, they will have to find things they have in common. If you find yourself enjoying and laughing at your conversation and you lose track of time when you are together, then you do have chemistry.
  • Under the microscope
Discrimination and prejudice is a social or cultural norm that will play a major role in your Age Gap Love. You will always have eyes on you carelessly judging you and your relationship. Older people will be thought off to be going through a midlife crisis or will be talked about as being in the relationship for sex. The younger one of the couple will be tagged as the whore with the customer or a gold digger. If you value what other people think of you more than your relationship, then end the relationship now before anybody gets hurt. But if you truly love your partner, then you won’t care what anyone would say behind your back. All that matters is that you are happy. – The Best Dating Site for younger women looking for older men ,younger women seeking older men ,Dating younger woman, older man , younger girls or older guys.
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