Monday, December 18, 2017

Understanding The Sugar Daddy Dating Site Mathematical Advantage

When youre playing the dating game, it can often feel like there are a hundred horny guys for every hot girl. This is NOT the case when it comes to women looking for older men.
The odds are in your favor.
There are more women looking for older men than there are older men looking for younger women, which means you have the advantage of the playing field. You get to pick and choose which girls you want to go after, instead of the other way around.
Women are biologically programmed to be attracted to power.
If you learn how to exude confidence, masculinity, and an air of competent established aloofness, these women will flock to you. In older days, men of power were the leaders in their villages, and being with them was a huge element of protection for any woman. Times might have changed, but its still very similar. Theres a reason so many famous, powerful older men wind up with hot women decades younger than them.
The myth about sugar daddy dating sites is that women are attracted to men with money. While some women do want a quick payout, theyre not what youre looking fortheyre basically just the escorts and hookers we warned you about earlier.
Ever wonder how Larry King, Bill Clinton, and George Clooney can get women decades younger than them? Even when some of these older guys arent traditionally attractive at all?
Once you learn what women on these sites are actually looking for, well help you give it to them. If you set up your profile correctly (learn how to set up your sugar daddy dating website profile and how to create your sugar daddy dating profile picture), you wont be the one doing the chasing.
The girls will be coming after you.
It sounds like a myth, but its true. Weve personally tested these sites ourselves, and we know how to get girls to be attracted to the confidence and personality behind the profile. Theres one very big secret about the younger women on these websites that you have to understand if you want to score big with these hot girls.
Its not all about the money.
Even though money is a big part of it, the kind of girl that gets on these websites, looking for older men, is not just looking for a man to buy her things. These are NOT professional hookers. Its easy to filter the hookers out, once you know how to look for them. What you have to learn how to do is see beneath the exterior, that these are girls who just want cash and gifts, because in reality.
They want to be treated like a true princess.
Most of these girls dont care that much about the money. They want to feel like theyre having an experience that only a special, exciting girl can have. They mostly grew up poor, and all their lives, theyve been watching TV shows like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Theyve never thought that they could actually have that life for themselves, and its your job to make them feel like theyre having it.
You are the fantasy.
Even if it seems like the girl is the one fulfilling your fantasy of hooking up with a young, gorgeous woman, for the girl, its the other way around. Youre the one fulfilling her fantasy of being with a man with class, a man that commands respect. They know they wont meet a real billionaire. They just want to feel like a princess.
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