Sunday, December 6, 2015

5 Ways to Create Unbelievable Attraction – Without Looks and Money

Can you honestly create attraction even if you don’t have the looks, the car, the money? Well you guys are going to love what I have to say…because, I believe that not only is this possible, its HIGHLY possible And it happens every day.
You know who the ones that have figured out this skill and are using it?
Yes that right. The Bad Boys, The Players, the Pick Up Artists.
They have all figured it out. So now I’m going to let the rest of you know how they do it and why it creates so much dam attraction!
OK so you want to know what this secret is?
You are going to love it
Here goes
Body Language
Doesn’t sound nearly as interesting as I made it out to be right? But I’m telling you, you guys are in for a treat.
Because body language accounts for more than 90%of the way that we communicate. And let me tell you it’s a whole lot more fun than just talking =)
So for all you guys out there that are frustrated and haven’t quite been able to figure out that just talking will not get you anywhere. This one is for YOU!
Because you are going to learn that you can communicate dominance, control and confidence all by the way that you hold yourself..
So let’s get stuck into it..
How you stand
OK guys that stand very tall and strong are instantly more appealing to chicks. Don’t know what it is, but no matter how butt ugly you are if by the way you stand exudes confidence and dominance you will have pretty much any girl eating out of the palm of your hand. So this includes standing up straight and tall, usually your legs are wider apart, you have a steady stance. When you are near walls or door you push up against them.
I know, I know, this may sound a little odd.. But it works every single time. I’m a chick and I still can’t figure it out. But just take my word on this one.
How comfortable you are
So this means you have to break the touch barrier as soon as possible. This mean when you are talking to a chick you are fairly laid back and relaxed. But when you make a joke or want to show her something, then you should lean in, be close and lightly touch her on the shoulder.
Once you break this touch barrier early on it helps you move past the obstacle of being called a friend in the future. Because friends are the guys that we label as too nice in a sense we can’t feel attracted to them, because they are more like brothers then lovers. If you know what I’m saying. And well I don’t know about you. But dating someone like my brother would totally not appeal to me, or most other chicks for that matter. So here’s a piece of golden advice. If you like a girl, then don’t fall victim to the let just be friends syndrome. It would just be easier to jump off a bridge.
How You Look At Her
OK here’s the thing guys. Girls don’t really like to be peeeeer-veeeed on so much that they start to feel like an object rather than a human being. Girls like attention don’t get me wrong. But when a guy comes along and makes it so obvious that he is checking her out it is an INSTANT turn off. Notice I said turn OFF and not turn ON. This is especially true because there is no challenge for the chick at all. She knows you have the hots for her and that you could be eating out of the palm of her hand any second. And well let’s face it, that doesn’t go in your favor when it comes to building attraction.
But the one way to show that you are genuinely interested and not like the rest of the other guys, is to make direct and meaningful EYE contact with her. If you make a joke or are in a conversation with her, make sure that you look into her eyes and nowhere else. Gaze into them, but be exceptionally comfortable when you do it. This kind of eye contact captures a girl’s attention. And she likes this attention, because it’s the right sort.
Just remember one thing. Beautiful girls love to be told that they are smart. Smart girls love to be told that they are beautiful. In other words as a general rule give a chick what she doesn’t usually hear. That is the only way you are going to gain and keep her attention.
How You Speak
I know it’s not so much to do with body language, but it’s relevant here because it goes along the general principle of Its not what you say, it’s how you say it. The thing is, chicks love guys with lower/deeper voices. It’s much more attractive when a guy has a low, deep and contained voice.
Here’s an example. Say the first guy is a guy who has a high pitched voice and is very animated in the way that he talks. He is a fast talker and laughs at his own jokes. Now compare him to a guy that is laid back in the way that he speaks, answers most questions with a question and doesn’t give too much away.
Now this might seem really obvious but I can guarantee you that if a chick were approached by these two different guys then she would choose the second one. She might not know why she chose the second one but she would.
So this one if for all the guys that were clueless But now are now more enlightened. This one is for all the great guys out there.. that can’t seem to figure it out. This one is for the nice guy.. who needs to discover that by JUST being nice.. isn’t how you win the game.. nor the girl. – The Best Dating Site for younger women looking for older men ,younger women seeking older men ,Dating younger woman, older man , younger girls or older guys. Visit Now

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