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3 Ways To Talk With A Younger Woman

Talking and interacting with younger women can be a whole new ball game altogether. There are specific things that women in this age range unconsciously need to experience in order to feel attraction with you. Knowing what these are gives you a competitive advantage over all the other men who don’t know these simple yet effective distinctions.
1) Lead: Know what to say and do next 
Women hate awkward moments, such as not knowing what to say, or thinking they misinterpreted the situation or someone’s feelings. Younger women are more likely to hate it even more. If your conversational skills are good, you have topics to discuss with her and ways to transition smoothly from one topic to another. Also, discussing topics such as relationships, family, men, celebrities, body language, fashion, pop music, and favorite hobbies will likely interest her. Women also like to think about how one topic might be related to another, especially when it might give insights on social situations or someone’s personality. A while back, there was an article in a magazine about “what his cell phone reveals about his character.” Asking a woman what she thinks a person’s items in his grocery cart reveals about his relationships with women might be an intriguing questions for an introspective woman.
Also, if she looks awkward or uncertain, change the topic like nothing happened. Women do this all the time as a way of diffusing the discomfort. Have a list of topics you can just bring up if she looks uneasy. You could make an observation about the place you are in, bring up something about your favorite food, or ask her a question about her outfit. The most important element is that you can easily flow from one topic to another. If she feels like you are being uncomfortable, then more than likely she will start to feel uncomfortable.
2) Set limits and boundaries 
She will likely try to discover how much she can get away with. She might call you at two in the morning. She might show up at your work unannounced. She might call unexpectedly on Saturday night. Knowing what you want her to do regarding your time and privacy will be important. Communicating that to her in a firm manner, perhaps with a bit of humor, will be important. Backing it up by continued reminders to her will also be key. For example, if she shows up to your office unannounced with Chinese food, you might say to her, “This is spontaneous of you. I am glad you thought of me to do something so nice, but I thought I ordered a pizza. I don’t have time right now to have lunch with you because when I am at work. I need to work. If you want to meet for lunch in the future, please call me.” It is up to you if you want to tell her, “I usually don’t have time to have lunch at work, but just this once. In the future, we need to plan something.” In the moment, she may not like what you have to say, but in the long term she will respect it and feel attraction for you because of it.
3) Demonstrate good social skills 
Social skills are very important when talking with women, and there is really no way around it. With younger women in particular, you will need to focus on keeping a stable, calm, and relaxed emotional state especially during those times when she is acting moody or impulsive. Therefore, when she is expressing doubts, this is a time for you to feel certain and in command and control. When she experiences your certainty about the situation, she will shortly follow suit. You will also at times need to respond to her with firmness and kindness when she is being rude and obnoxious.
Why is that? Women who are younger are more likely to act emotionally, especially when they feel insecure, angry, scared, or helpless. On one hand, they want to prove to the world they are independent and capable. On the other hand, they can experience strong emotions of self-doubt. In the moment, this can lead to negative outbursts, false accusations, temper tantrums, threats, and closed body language from her. Later, she will likely reflect back on the moment with regret, self-blame, embarrassment, guilt, or shame. Will she apologize? Maybe with her look. Maybe with a call inviting you out. Maybe with a pleasant text message. However, don’t count on her telling you she is sorry. You will have to be the one more stable and understanding.
While it can appear to be extra effort to date women in this age range, when you can gain an understanding of why they are acting in a certain way, you can anticipate and diffuse any potential dramas. These 3 key elements of: knowing what to do and say next; setting boundaries; and developing your social skills will help diffuse situations quickly in the short and long term. When this happens you can enjoy the benefits of dating women in this age range who are usually energetic, fun, carefree, and enthusiastic about men, dating, and love. – The Best Dating Site for younger women looking for older men ,younger women seeking older men ,Dating younger woman, older man , younger girls or older guys. Visit Now

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