Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to date&meet Younger Women

Most people have preferences about what they find attractive in a potential dating partner. Some prefer a date that is a certain height, while others focus on hair color, body type or facial features. Age is another major consideration; some prefer to date within their age range, and others prefer dates considerably older or younger. Meeting and dating younger women requires patience in locating candidates attracted to older men.
Step 1Go to clubs, bars, the beach, the gym and other locations where younger women congregate. The law of averages might work to your advantage. The more younger women you come in contact with, the more likely you are to meet one interested in you.
Step 2Sign up for dating sites, and include the age-range you want in your potential dates. Being honest about your own age typically matches you with women who are interested in older men, or are not bothered by age difference. >> – The Best Dating Site for younger women looking for older men ,younger women seeking older men ,Dating younger woman, older man , younger girls or older guys.
Step 3Introduce yourself in a confident manner. Confidence is an attractive quality, and projecting that confidence instills a good first impression. Don’t take it personally if a younger woman is uninterested. Simply try again with someone else.
Step 4Cover the bill when you meet for coffee, dinner or a drink. Older dates generally represent a form of stability and security to younger women. Accept the fact that that you’ll be picking up the tab on your dates.
Step 5Talk honestly about your age and previous life experiences. Don’t hide how old you are, or show insecurity about it. Tell the truth when talking about past relationships. Honesty is the best policy.
Step 6Remain independent. A younger woman is likely to be turned off if you come across as overly clingy or needy. Part of the appeal of older dates is life experience and independence. Respect the fact that your date has other obligations and responsibilities in her life; give her the space and time she needs to handle them.
Step 7Respect her independence and life experience. She might not have the depth of experiences that you have, but respect what she does, even if you feel that her views show a lack of world experience. Be willing to listen to her view. You might learn a thing or two.
Step 8Continue meeting and dating women until you find one with whom you’re compatible. Don’t be discouraged if one or two don’t work out.

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