Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dating a Younger Woman

Dating a younger woman is never easy, but it can be rewarding if you and your partner truly love each other and work hard for it. If you want your relationship to be stronger and last longer then you might want to keep the tips below in mind.
Tip #1: Stop carping about the age difference.
Just let it go. Expect many people will make a huge fuss about the fact that you’re dating a younger woman. Let them say what they say but don’t let any of their words get to you. The moment you do, you’ll end up carping about the age difference to your partner. At her age, you can’t expect her to be the mature one and be understanding of your concerns. When she gets older, she’ll understand what you’re going through. But until then, it’s all on you.
Tip #2: Be financially gallant.
Let’s face it. When you’re dating a younger woman, it automatically means that you have to pay most of the time. Even if she insists on doing otherwise, it would be unfair for you to let her pay often because you’re sure to earn more than whatever her allowance is. And even if she’s out of school and literally earning more than you do, it would still seem ungallant to let her pay too often.
Also, women love to be spoiled and that’s one way you can be the better choice over younger guys. Spoil her by being financially gallant. Don’t think that you’re buying her love, though. You’re not. You’re just showing her you love her in another way that other guys can’t afford to. That’s their problem, not yours.
Tip #3: Take the time to get to know her world.
When dating a younger woman, it would seem like that you’re coming from different worlds. This is especially true if she’s still in school. Since she doesn’t have to worry about earning money yet, she may be more focused on having fun and exploring new things. You can’t blame her for that. Surely you remember the time you were like her, too?
At this point in time, you just have to make a special effort to reconnect to that old part of your life and have fun with her.
Tip #4: Befriend her friends.
You have to understand that friends matter very much to younger women. When dating a younger woman, you have to be careful about making the right impression on your partner’s girlfriends. If they think you’re being too controlling, they could poison your girlfriend against you.
Ultimately, the only way to make sure that you don’t get on their bad side is to befriend them. Be understanding of their quirks the way you try to understand your partner’s. But don’t try too hard either because that will make you seem like a wimp. Just in case you need reminding – younger girls don’t respect wimps.
Tip #5: Don’t act like her father.
For that matter, don’t act like her older brother, teacher or any other authority figure. When dating a younger woman, it’s easy to get carried away and say you know better because you’re older and more experienced.
If you want what’s best for you and your partner, don’t do it.
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